New build


Gables Homes Limited

The Westminster House is located within an area of mixed-use properties comprising housing, light industrial units, and a hotel. It previously contained a mix of car workshops and sales area, with all the ground covered in concrete or asphalt with no grass or other planting on the site. Our construction works delivered privately owned houses and flats, that are shared equity housing for a local provider. The tenure is split as nine flats over three floors, two three-bedroom semi-detached houses and two four-bedroom detached houses.

Our works started with the demolition of an existing office building and mechanical workshop facilities.

This was followed by the site clearance and ground stabilisation measures were implemented to provide a decent soil stratum to allow the three storey buildings to be constructed.

There was an element of minor highway works, alteration of the crossover into the site. The boundary to the rear of the site is the main Newbury to Paddington railway line, operations of the train line needed to be carefully considered around our works.

To comply with the West Berkshire Core Strategy (2006 – 2026) requirement for all developments to minimise carbon dioxide output, this project brings a combination of sustainable design and use of energy efficient devices and renewable energy products, where possible.

Part L compliant SAP calculations have been undertaken to demonstrate how the development will reduce emissions and energy consumption. All properties have obtained EPC rating A, allowing funding at lower interest rates by Green Mortgage lenders. 

Efficient mechanical services and high-performing new thermal values contribute significantly to lowering carbon emissions. The steps to reduce the CO2 output for this site are:

  • Using 100 % LED lighting to deliver maximum lighting for the power required.
  • The flats are heated and hot water provided by an exhaust air heat pump, which works well in modest-sized flats like these. For the houses, a larger air source heat pump with internal hot water cylinder is used. Both ASHP are renewable energy sources as they generate their heat from the external air (or internal for the flats) and the efficiency of the devices mean they generate more heat energy than the electricity they use.
  • Low energy extract fans installed in the bathrooms and kitchen, plus window trickle vents to meet individual room requirements.

Other sustainable measures include SUDS drainage for surface water to run off with soak aways in the grounds of each property.

The project contributed to sustainability by enhancing the urban landscape and providing further high-quality residential space in West Berkshire. It also increased the biodiversity of the site by adding approximately 800m2 of garden spaces with associated grass and planting of native species to support the local environment.

As part of our social engagement with this project, we welcomed site visits from the Newbury College T Level construction and carpentry students. During the tours of the site and the opportunity to speak to both experienced team and apprentices and to find out more about second fix building procedures.

This project was completed in March 2024 and achieved a “zero snag” list.